In restaurants

Logotype of the campaign in Krakow, we drink tap water.
Within information campaign “In Krakow, good water straight from the tap”, Krakow Water started an action “In Krakow we drink tap water”.

The action is addressed to the owners of Krakow restaurants who serve the tap water to their guests and those who intend to do it. We also invite the newly formed restaurants!


Owners of the Krakow eating places serve the tap water!

Main objectives:
  • Tap water drinking promotion
  • Informing Krakow residents about the tap water properties
  • Caring for the environment-reduction of the plastic use
What instead?
  • Customer trust, because you give him a choice
  • Respect, because you take care for the environment and you want to reduce the plastic use
  • 20% discount for water examination (Krakow City Central Laboratory)
  • Informational materials that will add coloration to your eating place