Water in us


Remember! Water is present  in every living organism

  • there are no organisms able to function without a small portion of water
  • our blood is made of water in 83%
  • loss of 1% of water causes the feeling of thirst
  • loss of 10% of water poses risk to health, while loss of 20% of water may cause death
  • when the water is drunk it stays in stomach for 5 minutes. On average the body exchanges the water every 1,5 months
  • every day with exhaled air we lose from 400 to 500 ml of water, and even more during hot weather
  • 80% of diseases are directly or indirectly associated with bad water quality
  • on average, people are losing 1,5 liter while urinating
  • food satisfies about 20% of the daily demand for water