Before it gets to the tap

Turn the tap on and the tap water flows! But before it gets to the tap, it has to be treated first. In other words, it must be free from any pollutants.

First, water taken from the river is oxidised. Then, after adding salt, aluminium and iron, the coagulation process occurs. It means binding of particles into bigger structures. Thus, all of the components responsible for the water opacity and colour are eliminated. Other pollutants are stopped on the sewage filter. Finally, the water is sanitised. Treated in such a way, it gets to our houses.

In Krakow Water, chlorine gas responsible for the characteristic taste and smell is not used anymore. Instead, we use ultraviolet rays and sodium hypochlorite (made by electrolysis of common salt) or chlorine dioxide.

Employees of the Central Laboratory control the tap water quality on every stage of the treatment process. More importantly, the water is controlled at the final points of the system that is the water flowing directly from the tap.

See how we treat the tap water!

Schematic technological water treatment process - The Raba Water Treatment Plant in Dobczyce.