Facts and myths




You  can drink tap water without boiling it


Tap water is free from any bacteria, therefore boiling is useless. High temperature is used to kill microorganisms, but they cannot be found in treated tap water.

Hard water might cause formation of stones in the body


Formation of stones in the human body is mainly a consequence of metabolic disorders. It has nothing to do with consumption of hard water. Stones in human body are simply deposits of insoluble oxalates, urates, phosphates, struvite or cholesterol.


Tap water contains minerals


Water in Krakow taps is clean and healthy. In addition, it contains minerals (300 mg of mineral elements in one liter), including trace elements like calcium and magnesium.

Chlorine in water is harmful


 Chlorine is a sanitizer and a guarantor of water microbiological safety. Small doses of chlorine used in tap water are not harmful to human health.


Boiling softens the water


Water boiling causes  precipitation of some minerals in the form of the residue. As a result, it softens the water and impoverishes its mineral composition. Thus, water boiling is not recommended before the consumption.

Water filter jugs remove chlorine and pollutants from water


Some water filter jugs may remove chlorine which is a sanitizer and a guarantor of water microbiological safety. However, they do not remove any pollutants, because they are not present in the drinking water. Removal of chlorine might change the smell and taste of water. Inappropriate use of filter might pose microbiological risks caused by uncontrollable growth of harmful bacteria in the filter.

The quality of tap water in Krakow is the same as in other EU countries 


The quality of water supplied  by Krakow Water is as good as in other European cities. The quality requirements prescribed by Polish laws are as detailed as the EU requirements. Some indicators must meet even stricter standards  as compared to the EU standards.

Tap water contains dangerous bacteria


Drinking water supplied to the Krakow residents is strictly monitored and free from any bacteria harmful to health. The absolute safety is ensured by the modern disinfection methods based on the use of sodium hypochlorite. The Raba Water Treatment Plant additionally uses ultraviolet rays.

Hard water has beneficial influence on you body


medium hard water (that is what we have in Krakow) can have a positive impact on your health because of the higher content of trace elements, like magnesium or calcium.  Thanks to the water disinfection process, it was possible to stop the deadly epidemics in the past. This raised the average life expectancy.

Drinking tap water for many years results in accumulation of by-products in the body


The disinfection by-products do not accumulate in the human body. Moreover, their concentration in the water is strictly monitored and never exceeds acceptable limit values.


 zastosowaniu dezynfekcji wody

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